Tutto e possibile

Tutto e possibile.

Kennel info:
Welcome to Kennel Tutto e possibile,

We are a Cane Corso kennel, who with worldwide contacts maintains the Cane Corso as they should be. We want stately dogs for our customers, of which they are proud. And we go a long way for that.We have world-famous bloodlines.Most selected from abroad so that you get a nice puppy.

We provide total guidance with the breed, you are never alone. They are large dogs and we feel very responsible for their future.
Especially if you have children.
We also have these ourselves, and think it is very important that they are social.

Cane corsos are Molosser dogs, Italian mastiff. Our lives are 100% given to our dogs.
We do our utmost to breed healthy dogs. This through good DNA. As a breeder, it is very important that you breed with good blood that meets all standards to create healthy dogs.
You must try to keep the standard. And you don't do that by just putting 2 dogs together!

We are line breeders. We dive deep into the bloodlines to maintain a breed standard. Together with other professional kennels, we do everything we can to get this breed 100 years ahead in the future.

The best food and snacks are also number 1, a lot of exercise, hygiene and a lot of love are also important.Buy dogs byfeeling. Take a good look at the living environment.We have been breeding dogs since 2003

Cane corso puppie's

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